Netflix’s Rebecca Mode is reason enough to take a look

If there is one thing the pandemic has confirmed, it is our need to flee.

And what better form of fantasy than the delicious adaptation of Daphne du Morier’s 1938 most successful novel Rebecca? Fortunately, the gods on Netflix created it, the fifth adaptation of the hit novel, the last interpreted in 1940 by Alfred Hitchcock.

Rebecca with Armi Hammer and Lily James is a dark tale about sex, murder, power, jealousy and gender, and tells the story of an unnamed engineer who marries a wealthy widower and moves into his spacious Cornish home, Manderley. Regardless of the context that seems romantic, this story is far from a love story.

The character James, who is intentionally unnamed throughout the story, goes from dirty to fairy in practical time.

James begins his journey in his character costume and first appears in the film, clad in a lifeless brown skirt. Even though skirt suits were featured at some of the brand’s latest events in Spring / Summer 2021 (i.e. Chanel, Dior and Mulberry), they shouldn’t be trending in this case.

“We started with her as a little girl from a gloomy woman, and then she became a romantic character when she fell in love with Maxim,” costume designer Rebecca Julian Day told the New York Post.

Day (whose previous projects include Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman) draws on vintage fashion photography in terms of film fashion and takes inspiration from Old Hollywood style icons including Catherine Hepburn, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich.

As James’ character progresses, we see his transition from troubled maid outfits to bright and cool colors and silhouettes that reflect his new and growing relationship with Maxim, and towards the end of the film (so as not to spoil him), as he claims to be a woman in his house, she performs sharp coats and sewing styles in a variety of bold and lewd colors.

“I really want to understand the idea of ​​a woman who is really strong,” Day said in another interview. “Yes, he cracked and stumbled, but basically he is a very strong figure and I wanted to give a masculine silhouette that is not necessary, but something that reflects this strength.”

Big collared blouses have become fashion everywhere? Rebecca has a relationship. What mighty blazer should we buy to hone? You can expect a lot from them.

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