5 Trouser Styles For When You’re Done with Denim

Jeans are a staple in many wardrobes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you are bored of them and that’s why you’ve arrived here. Aside from jeans, there are so many alternatives that will offer something new and exciting to your wardrobe that are just waiting to be discovered. Having a couple of these items to hand will transform your look and help you to feel as confident as possible. 

Tailored Check Trousers

If you’re wanting to add something new to your wardrobe without being too garish, checkered trousers are definitely the way to go. You can pair your check trousers with a really simple top, jacket and shoes and still have a head-turning outfit. Try a black polo neck top with smart dress shoes for a more formal look, or dress it down by tucking in a white t-shirt and wearing Vans for something more simple.  

Comfy Tracksuit Bottoms

Having a comfy pair of tracksuit bottoms is an essential item in any wardrobe. They can be paired with a hoodie for an effortlessly casual look or dressed up with a denim jacket and a mens graphic t-shirt for something different yet comfortable. Having a pair of joggers will give you a go-to trouser for so many different occasions. 


Over the last few years, chinos seem to have developed a slightly uncool reputation. Yet, when styled properly, they will become a fashionable staple in your wardrobe. There are two major areas that you can go wrong with chinos; fit and colour. 

Loose fitting chinos or super skinny chinos simply won’t look good. Go for a slim fit so that the trousers are quite snug but comfortable. Now, for the colour. Avoid any pastel colours as this really isn’t in fashion. Opt for navy, beige or black chinos and pair with a smart shirt for the perfect semi-formal look. 

Cargo Trousers

Over the last few years, cargo trousers have made a significant come back in a more tailored and stylish form. They have evolved from streetwear to high-fashion and have become extremely popular thanks to their versatility. Make your look casual with an oversized hoodie and trainers or create something smart casual with a plain black or white tee and oversized shirt. 


Much like chinos, corduroy trousers can be an amazing addition to your wardrobe, but they also have the potential to look outdated and ugly (sorry). Go for a slim fit and a midnight blue colour. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, avoid brown at all costs. Pairing this midnight blue colour with a white button down, a brown belt and brown dress shoes is a safe way to achieve a very stylish look. 

Final Thoughts

Be brave this season and try something new. If in doubt, pair any of these trousers with a simple t-shirt and you won’t go far wrong. Experiment with different colours as you get more confident and you will soon find your own sense of style. 

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