The color of spring clothing is enough to eat

Nothing interests us more than outlining the colors of this season. During the fashion month, SS20 designers deviated from a neutral palette based on the basics they adopted a year ago, instead of using juicy, fertile, and sweet colors that were good enough to eat. We may have stayed at home for the foreseeable future, but who doesn’t want serotonin to improve mood? From thin lemons and satsuma sorbets to the soft spearmint and lavender fields, there is a nuance to every taste. That is why we photograph objects found throughout the house to reflect our current color atmosphere.

Pantone 18-1662 is called the Scarlet Flame, but for us it is undoubtedly a rich and runny cherry tomato. “The flame blazes brightly and exudes confidence and determination,” said the nuanced description, and we can no longer agree: this is not for colorful flowers. Christopher Kane’s spike foam dress is our favorite at London Fashion Week, while Acne Studios and Chromat are great for combining colors with ice white shoes. Live tomato notes complement all skin tones and look great when duplicated with the right lipstick.

We used to broadcast texts about the excitement of yellow, and this season the sun’s protection penetrated the collection and brought much-needed optimism to our cupboards. Pantones 13-0822 means sunshine – “invites happiness, pleasant pleasures and a smiling presence” – but we prefer the connotation of the lemon sorbet sparkling tongue that we witnessed at the Jacquemus lavender dream event in Provence (lilac and lemon made extraordinary), FYI ) and in London with JW Anderson and Emilia Wickstead.

Corona virus will force mode towards a sustainable future

Fashion is an industry that changes with new trends, styles and ranges offered every season. To meet these requirements, the supply chain must be at full speed to sew and deliver new models at business speed.

When you focus on the front end of an ever-changing fashion collection, it’s certainly slower to change the many moving parts of the industrial backend.

So it moves at a reasonable pace to meet the ever-increasing demand for sustainable fashion and a more environmentally and socially responsible industry.

As one of the dirtiest industries in the world, fashion has recognized its responsibilities and established the Sustainable Clothing Coalition (SAC) with more than 250 members to transform the clothing, footwear and textile industries in such a way that “this does not lead to unnecessary results. environment and have a positive impact on people and communities related to their activities. “”

However, progress in this industry is slow given the ambitious goal of creating a sustainable fashion industry and the scale of change needed to achieve that goal.

“Fashion companies are not implementing sustainable solutions fast enough to counter the negative environmental and social impacts of the rapidly developing fashion industry,” said the Global Fashion Agenda in their 2019 Pulse of Fashion Industry study.

The pandemic of the global corona virus has now brought resilience. As a direct threat to everyone’s health, this shows how vulnerable we are as humans and how our future health and happiness depend on a healthy environment.

The smartest young fashion talent in the UK offers something interesting

With the news that London Fashion Week will be digital for SS21 that rings fresh in our ears (or rather burnt on our retina by looking nonstop on our cellphone and laptop screens) you might be wondering how some of the most upmarket and favorite young designers which is a waste of spending their time at the start of their first URL event.

With the announcement of a series of BFC seminars, lectures and digital sessions that are now TB, they should continue, but that does not stop them from working with the Browns for a series of new lectures, interviews, and tutorials to keep fans entertained from isolated modes (and The teacher knows we need to have fun now).

NEWGEN artists such as Supriya Lele, Asai, Stefan Cooke, Nicholas Daley and others have been introduced in collaboration with BFC and are ready to explore identity, inspiration, and more as part of the ongoing Browns Family Affair series.

But what does that mean? To be a little more specific, Paria Farzaneh introduced Show and Tell, where he talked about his Iranian heritage while seeing how he printed his signature. Bethany Williams and Priya Ahululia placed their chefs on and on the way to Asai’s kitchen, whose AW20 show had been canceled due to a coronavirus (sobbing), joining the only Carrie Stacks woman in isolation for a lifetime. Elsewhere, Tom Rasmussen talks about everything Halpern did, while Samuel Ross met with his old employee, Wilson Oriema at A-COLD-WALL *.

“Working together is more important today than ever before and we must be together to support one another,” said Carolyn Rush of BFC. “I hope that this week’s content provides a sense of togetherness and we will be excited to discover the amazing stories and creativity offered by designers.”

Fashion is my favorite character in normal people

I strongly believe that to truly appreciate the customization between the book and the screen, you must read the book first, spend hours (if not more) figuring out what each character looks like, and then choose the actor I want to see. I also like to dream about her clothes (no wonder I’m done with fashion).
I do this with all the books I read. But of all the books I have consumed in the past few years, nothing in my head has been torn apart and themed as strongly as Sally Rooney’s novel, The Normal People, which was recently filmed on BBC television shows and premiere, yesterday in Hulu.

After hearing that the novel on the 2018 Man Booker Prize list was aimed at a TV near me, I immediately went to clothes. Will the Marian Deb Fundraiser dress look like the Paco Rabanne mini dress I imagined?

What about the dress she was wearing when Connell arrived in Italy to find hanging laundry in his garden? Rooney described the dress as a “white wedding gown” that “looks perfect”. Unlike the Paco dresses, there is no particular designer who remembers this. I wish I had one – I would already buy it. Instead, I immediately thought of the dress Mischa Barton made at The O.C. wear in the first six season episode. The color is blue with small white spots, dumbbells and knee-length silhouettes. If she is white and with eyelashes, Mariana will wear it.
Don’t let me start with Marian’s outfit for the party where she and Connelly met for the first time at Trinity. On the stage it was explained that he was “wearing a velvet jacket over the dress, his hair nailed back. His hand holding a cigarette looks long and smooth.” Rooney later described the dress as durable, gray and able to make Marianne appear “toned and soft”. As soon as I finished the book for the first time, I went out and bought a dress that was very similar.

Last week when the TV adaptation first date approached me, I became nervous and maybe all the clothes on my head were not revived on the screen. This mode is not a priority in production. After all, the story of Marianne and Connelly wasn’t even about clothes from afar. However, my worries were resolved within a few seconds of the first scene of the episode: Marianna walked down the aisle in school, her uniform as I imagined – maybe even better.
Nominated costume designer Emmy Lorna Marie Mugan also created an ensemble for Peaky Blinders – a series in which Sillian Murphy’s sharp blue eyes are the only thing better than clothing. Of course, he was also involved in this role and created the exact type of clothes you would expect for such a story in “Normal People”. So there will be no moments that will soon be fulfilled. But it makes sense about this event, so I will handle it. Mariana did not appear at nightclubs in the small town of Ireland and wore Paco Raban. Because why do you want to? However, in the next scene, she wears a chain gown and a scarf combination reminiscent of the silver mini-gown by Paris Hilton (and later Kendall Jenner) of her dress for her 21st birthday.

Thanks to Marie Magan’s thoroughness, scenes from the novel were recorded in a television adaptation that I had never thought of as a toilet. Light denim miniskirts and chemise combinations from the second to last episodes, black metal presented on stage in the pool, even Connell’s suit is too small for Rob’s funeral – all these parts, at least for someone dressed as large as that Marie Mugan perfectly performs conversation.
Even the small details stand out. Connell’s silver necklace is characteristic of his character like Adidas’s tattered shoes – he has a simple and uncomplicated facade, like someone who doesn’t think twice about what other people think of him. Of course, this is far from it. Adding jewelry and accessories to Mariana’s wardrobe at the university compared to her school days was a symbol of her growing confidence. Like Rooney on the Normal People page, Marie Mugan did not miss a knock on the screen, which made the program memorable like a novel.

How to dress to feel comfortable, comfortable, and happy while in the shut down

With government guidelines keeping us locked up inside, it’s all about our environment to keep us sane. Not to sound like one of those spiritual wellbeing influencers, but clothes mean a lot. Known by fashion psychologists as ‘enclothed cognition’, it’s true that what we wear has a systematic influence on our psychological processes. It stands to reason, then, that in choosing clothes that make us feel happy, protected and comforted, lockdown will look a lot brighter.

Most Searched-For Fashion Item of 2020

If you like social media – and indeed international references to social distance – you might have seen the luxurious world of Corfu at the weekend as a $ 1,000 white face mask from Farfetch spreads starting Twitter and Instagram. The mask with the Off-White X logo has been the subject of hundreds of angry publications that prompted Farfetch to remove the mask (suggested by a third party) and sent an official response stating that the dealer “Blocked Sales of” had a face mask at exorbitant prices. “In the Lyst First Quarter Index, this mask is stated as” the hottest product for men “and white -” the hottest brand “.

Lyst acts as an e-commerce aggregator that collects articles from stores around the world that are available on its website, routes buyers through affiliate links, and publishes data four times a year. In the first quarter of 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic peaked, the website estimated that the demand for masks had increased by 496%, with the most popular Off-White logo style being the most popular. “At a time when consumers around the world are stuck in their homes looking for online connections, loyal and committed Off-White social users have proven to be very valuable,” the report said. Loyalty and direct communication with consumers is something of Virgil Ablo, founder of Off-White, during Vogue’s global talks earlier this month, showing that its retail social media strategy is functioning.

However, the decline in resale prices of masks and their place at the top of the Lyst report also lead to a broader debate about whether face masks that are now recommended by the CDC should be modern. The question was posed earlier by the New York Times, and in the days since then, brands from J.Crew to Bravado that produced merchandise for musicians wore masks that were as sweet as they were functional. Some, such as Collina Strada, promised to donate a portion of the mask sales to hospitals in need, while others, like Christopher Kane, would send free DIY mask sets with fabric until they were used up. As the new corona virus continues to grow, more and more brands tend to develop fashionable distortion styles with profit, while brands have made face masks, such as Off-White (retail price of $ 95). ) and Marine Serre ($ 295, with air filter installed) will continue to produce their long-lasting style.

As long as the Lyst Q1 report is available here, the data shows that there is an interest in comfortable clothing. Pullovers, runes, pants, and clothes of Gucci, Thom Browne, Loewe, Versace, Nike, and Anine Bing appear in the rest of Lyst’s hottest item charts for men and women. However, not everyone is ready for household clothes: Popular shopping bags Telfar climbs on women’s clothing tables and proves that goods that are stored and affordable are still for sale even in times of crisis.

That’s why the fashion week next week will be very different

Because the fashion month in February felt the effects of the Corona virus outbreak (many editors left early and some shows were canceled) and all cruise programs were canceled, we don’t think this will affect the next fashion week for six months. late

However, it already looks like they are taking a different form, even though they haven’t (yet) been officially canceled.

Saint Laurent is the first label to officially withdraw from the Paris Fashion Week program to present its new collection differently.

A statement on Instagram said: “Saint Laurent has chosen to control his pace and redraw his schedule. More than ever, brands will at their own pace, legitimize the value of time, connect with people around the world and approach them in their own space and lives. .

The Haute Couture and Men’s Men’s Week are also planned for this summer, but they will be digital or will join Fashion Week in September if they continue.

Or, all programs are only digital, even though they are actually very different.

The Fragrance Store offers 60% discount perfume online – only for a limited time

It has been said that one sign of coronavirus is loss of smell. So why not ensure that you still own yours and pamper yourself, your loved ones or friends, with a new scent?

Perfume shops now have 60% discounts on all websites – but only until April 7th. So you have to act fast if you want to get the most out of this fantastic offer.

This offer includes several fragrances from your favorite designers such as Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Hugo Boss, and others.

We looked at the website and found some of the best deals that were really worth using – for and for.

This can even be a perfect opportunity to get a Christmas present. Who knows, they can allow us until then, so why not get a prize?

The best perfume shop for her:

Michael Kors Sexy Blossom 50ml EDP – is £ 60, now £ 34 (saving £ 26)

Marc Jacobs Eau So Decadent 50ml EDT – is £ 72, now £ 46 (saving £ 26)

CK In2u for 100 ml EDT – is £ 40, now £ 18 (saving £ 22)

Ted Baker Xo Extraordinary He – used to be £ 37, now £ 15 (saving £ 22)

Hugo Boss Ma Vie 30ml EDP – was £ 44 now £ 38 (saving £ 6)

The best perfume shops offer:

Davidoff Cool Water Man Wave 125ml EDT – is £ 54, now £ 28 (saving £ 26)

Lacoste L’Homme 100ml EDT – is £ 50, now £ 28 (saving £ 22)

Ted Baker Xo Extrodinary 100 ml EDT – is £ 37.50, now £ 15 (saving £ 22)

Dolce and Gabbana Intenso EDP 75ml – £ 48 now £ 4 (saving £ 8)

And this is the only one that offers big savings on their website.

Many retailers start selling in the middle of the season.

Topshop, ASOS, JD Sports and Debenhams are currently being sold – with huge savings in fashion, life and beauty.

New Look offers a 25% discount on the website, including women’s clothing, men’s clothing and 915, but only until April 1.

When you work from home, you can make the best use of this inventory and buy new clothes.

How Rihanna has time for that

Rihanna is one of the most successful 32-year-olds in the world. She released eight studio albums, launched a very successful beauty brand, and followed a few years later with extraordinary underwear and luxury fashion houses. On the way, he runs a charity foundation, organizes several Met Galas, and appears in several films. She is a very busy woman.

So it’s surprising to find out that Rihanna herself wrote the copies for hundreds of Fenty Beauty product labels. This fact has recently appeared on Vogue’s profile. The interviewer asked Rihanna whether the rumor was true, and she answered:

“Oh yeah! I wrote a whole copy about the website, product description, product name, color name … I have a very big team but I don’t think their tone belongs to me. I feel like a con artist selling something. I can’t stand it. “