Corona virus will force mode towards a sustainable future

Fashion is an industry that changes with new trends, styles and ranges offered every season. To meet these requirements, the supply chain must be at full speed to sew and deliver new models at business speed.

When you focus on the front end of an ever-changing fashion collection, it’s certainly slower to change the many moving parts of the industrial backend.

So it moves at a reasonable pace to meet the ever-increasing demand for sustainable fashion and a more environmentally and socially responsible industry.

As one of the dirtiest industries in the world, fashion has recognized its responsibilities and established the Sustainable Clothing Coalition (SAC) with more than 250 members to transform the clothing, footwear and textile industries in such a way that “this does not lead to unnecessary results. environment and have a positive impact on people and communities related to their activities. “”

However, progress in this industry is slow given the ambitious goal of creating a sustainable fashion industry and the scale of change needed to achieve that goal.

“Fashion companies are not implementing sustainable solutions fast enough to counter the negative environmental and social impacts of the rapidly developing fashion industry,” said the Global Fashion Agenda in their 2019 Pulse of Fashion Industry study.

The pandemic of the global corona virus has now brought resilience. As a direct threat to everyone’s health, this shows how vulnerable we are as humans and how our future health and happiness depend on a healthy environment.

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