How Rihanna has time for that


Rihanna is one of the most successful 32-year-olds in the world. She released eight studio albums, launched a very successful beauty brand, and followed a few years later with extraordinary underwear and luxury fashion houses. On the way, he runs a charity foundation, organizes several Met Galas, and appears in several films. She is a very busy woman.

So it’s surprising to find out that Rihanna herself wrote the copies for hundreds of Fenty Beauty product labels. This fact has recently appeared on Vogue’s profile. The interviewer asked Rihanna whether the rumor was true, and she answered:

“Oh yeah! I wrote a whole copy about the website, product description, product name, color name … I have a very big team but I don’t think their tone belongs to me. I feel like a con artist selling something. I can’t stand it. “

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