Just in time for fall, facial skin masks are on the rise

In early May, a photo of one of the Olsen twins emerged (it’s hard to tell which sister she was wearing with a mask) wearing a leather-like mask. As we’ve already noted, leather face packs of all kinds seem a step too far for even the most dedicated leather fashion enthusiast in the face of the rapidly approaching summer weather. Now that the temperature is dropping and the first signs of a drop are appearing, the concept of wearing a face mask doesn’t look sweaty.
And we’re not the only ones who are blown away by the idea. According to Google Trends, the demand for “facial skin masks” is on the rise. This may have something to do with Lady Gaga wearing a leather mask – her mask is light pink and one of the nine face masks she wears! – during the MTV Video Music Awards in 2020. And now as consumer demand increases, so too are the number of brands developing reruns of popular cold weather material, so we have a wide selection to choose from if we dare.

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