Most Searched-For Fashion Item of 2020

If you like social media – and indeed international references to social distance – you might have seen the luxurious world of Corfu at the weekend as a $ 1,000 white face mask from Farfetch spreads starting Twitter and Instagram. The mask with the Off-White X logo has been the subject of hundreds of angry publications that prompted Farfetch to remove the mask (suggested by a third party) and sent an official response stating that the dealer “Blocked Sales of” had a face mask at exorbitant prices. “In the Lyst First Quarter Index, this mask is stated as” the hottest product for men “and white -” the hottest brand “.

Lyst acts as an e-commerce aggregator that collects articles from stores around the world that are available on its website, routes buyers through affiliate links, and publishes data four times a year. In the first quarter of 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic peaked, the website estimated that the demand for masks had increased by 496%, with the most popular Off-White logo style being the most popular. “At a time when consumers around the world are stuck in their homes looking for online connections, loyal and committed Off-White social users have proven to be very valuable,” the report said. Loyalty and direct communication with consumers is something of Virgil Ablo, founder of Off-White, during Vogue’s global talks earlier this month, showing that its retail social media strategy is functioning.

However, the decline in resale prices of masks and their place at the top of the Lyst report also lead to a broader debate about whether face masks that are now recommended by the CDC should be modern. The question was posed earlier by the New York Times, and in the days since then, brands from J.Crew to Bravado that produced merchandise for musicians wore masks that were as sweet as they were functional. Some, such as Collina Strada, promised to donate a portion of the mask sales to hospitals in need, while others, like Christopher Kane, would send free DIY mask sets with fabric until they were used up. As the new corona virus continues to grow, more and more brands tend to develop fashionable distortion styles with profit, while brands have made face masks, such as Off-White (retail price of $ 95). ) and Marine Serre ($ 295, with air filter installed) will continue to produce their long-lasting style.

As long as the Lyst Q1 report is available here, the data shows that there is an interest in comfortable clothing. Pullovers, runes, pants, and clothes of Gucci, Thom Browne, Loewe, Versace, Nike, and Anine Bing appear in the rest of Lyst’s hottest item charts for men and women. However, not everyone is ready for household clothes: Popular shopping bags Telfar climbs on women’s clothing tables and proves that goods that are stored and affordable are still for sale even in times of crisis.

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