That’s why the fashion week next week will be very different

Because the fashion month in February felt the effects of the Corona virus outbreak (many editors left early and some shows were canceled) and all cruise programs were canceled, we don’t think this will affect the next fashion week for six months. late

However, it already looks like they are taking a different form, even though they haven’t (yet) been officially canceled.

Saint Laurent is the first label to officially withdraw from the Paris Fashion Week program to present its new collection differently.

A statement on Instagram said: “Saint Laurent has chosen to control his pace and redraw his schedule. More than ever, brands will at their own pace, legitimize the value of time, connect with people around the world and approach them in their own space and lives. .

The Haute Couture and Men’s Men’s Week are also planned for this summer, but they will be digital or will join Fashion Week in September if they continue.

Or, all programs are only digital, even though they are actually very different.

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