Why Fashion’s SMS Strategies Are Evolving

New York, USA – As our global society faces long-distance efforts, brands are developing branding, sales, and CRM management strategies to reduce focus on the store experience. Brands are placing increasing value on responsive and personalized communication channels – including the introduction of the SMS strategy.

As the time consumers spend on their smartphones grows faster and faster and their time being exposed to physical retail locations is tickling, the importance of smartphones as points of contact has expanded beyond browser and ecommerce applications. . Smartphones are now an integral part of customer service and sales strategies and operationally support new but important sales channels and services such as online purchases, in-store pick-up (BOPIS) and online purchases, in-store returns (BORIS). . It is also used to stimulate sales through a new customer loyalty strategy.

To study how effective text messaging is in leading market communications strategy and how industry leaders use SMS to drive engagement and sales, BoF sat down with Brian Long, CEO and Co-Founder of Attentive, New York. based on a personalized SMS marketing solution that works with more than 1,000 leading brands, including Coach, Marc Jacobs, and Diane von Furstenberg.

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